Mathew Forzaglia has been in fitness all his life. As a true athlete, he played football, lacrosse and hockey all through college and beyond. Motivated by the fitness world, he got his Personal Training Certification early after graduation to begin his fitness career. Today, he works at different studios across NYC teaching classes and training clients. He works with clients of all fitness levels, including those with injuries and disabilities, who want to improve their lives by getting stronger and healthier.

Diana Mitrea started her fitness journey after graduating from college. She began teaching group fitness after senior year and was hooked on the Les Mills programming. After many years of teaching Les Mills programming, she began to put together her own classes and was really excited about the outcome. She also studied and picked up an ACE Personal Training Certification to learn more about fitness and how to apply it in class. Today, she works at various boutique studios in NYC and Equinox to spread her joy of fitness with others. 


Diana and Mat met in Boston at a gym and discovered their common passion for fitness. Fast forward to today, they have created Stronger With Time - a brand that blends both of their health and wellness experiences and expertise into one. They work together to push one another as well as those around them for an unforgettable experience. Their goal is to change as many people's lives as possible. 

In addition to their brand, they've put together a unique class called Stronger With Time (SWT). It's a high intensity interval training (HIIT) class focused on body-weight plyometrics and other functional movements to get your heart rate up. The class goes from zero to 100 in the first minute and is going to get you sweating and burning calories. Of course, they will always offer low options so participants can work up to the jumping and other difficult movements. Grab a towel and get ready to "SWeaT"!