Lisa Haefner Photography

she's responsible for most of the photos on the site and continues to wow us with her amazing photography. be sure to take a look at her portfolio!


Doughnuts and Deadlifts

We love this company! Awesome gear, awesome people, nothing but love for miss Krissy Mae.



We love this brand and everything it stands for. Enough said.



We don't do much running... but Marnie Kunz does. And she is pretty darn good at it too. Check her out for her NYC Art Runs - you get to enjoy the street art in NYC while getting a great cardio workout!



Check out ROMWOD - the best stretching and mobility WOD on the market. User our link to get 2 weeks free!


CrossFit Solace

One our favorite spots to train at in NYC. The people are amazing, the space and facility are beautiful, and the workouts are tough!